Chocolate Layer Cake

Chocolate Layer Cake

Toasted Coconut Cake

Toasted Coconut Cake


Vanilla   Chocolate   Red Velvet   Coconut   Lemon   Strawberry  

Chocolate Bourbon   Marble   Spice   Carrot   Mexican Chocolate   Funfetti


Vanilla   Chocolate   Cream Cheese   Coconut   Lemon   Strawberry   Mocha   Mint Chocolate Chip Funfetti

Chocolate Bourbon   Marble   Peanut Butter   Mexican Chocolate   Cookies & Cream   Raspberry   Almond


Vanilla Vanilla    Vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream and sprinkles

Birthday Cake   Vanilla cake, chocolate buttercream and sprinkles 

Chocolate Peanut Butter   Chocolate cake, Peanut Butter buttercream

Mint Chocolate Chip   Chocolate cake, Mint Chocolate Chip buttercream

Red Velvet   Red Velvet cake, Cream Cheese buttercream

Single Tier

Six-Inch, serves 8 - 10 $35.00    Eight-inch, serves 20 - 25 $45.00    

Ten-inch, serves 40 - 50 $90.00    

Two Tier

Serves 30 - 35, $80   Serves 55 - 60, $130   

Additional sizes available for both single and multi-tiered cakes.  

Prices shown reflect traditional buttercream finish as pictured on cakes above.  

Additional charges apply for custom artwork.  Call the bakery for a quote.  

We do not bake sheet cakes.